Website Design Services

Static Websites

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What are static and dynamic websites? A static website can very well be the system that you need. If you are looking to display your products in a ‘static’ method; non interactive, this could be your method. This type has advantages that the dynamic website doesn’t.

Generally, a static website is comprised of ‘html’ pages. It displays your products with little or no customer interaction; other than clicking links or pages. This type of website has its advantages and disadvantages versus a dynamic website. A static website is usually faster to build, less expensive both initially and continually, more secure from viruses, faster to load on a browser, and easier to keep track of.

Dynamic Websites

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Dynamic Websites allow many great interactive tasks to be performed. They are usually built with a CMS, or Content Management System, although they can be custom. These various systems include programs such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and osCommerce, among others. You can create blogs, interactive maps, ecommerce sites, etc. After consultation, if you decide to employ a CMS, we will build you a powerful, efficient, dynamic website.

A dynamic website allows great customer interaction which includes ecommerce, blogging, login functions, and other interactive tasks. A dynamic website is very interactive and can utilize a database to store data. It can be programmed to perform many functions. Contact us to see which type your website needs.

Website Optimization

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Website Optimization encompasses, at least, two categories. One is graphics optimization. Your website’s graphics will be optimized for speed and quality. The other is Search Engine optimization. Your website will achieve high rankings which will allow you much more exposure and enable your customers to easily find you. Together, these two categories, or principles, along with others make up Website Optimization. Briefly, it is the fine tuning of your website to enable maximum internet capability and compatibility.

Search Engine Submission

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Your website will submitted to the three largest search engines, Bing©, Google©, and Yahoo!©. They will also be submitted to the ’Local‘ listings of the same search engines. We will then advise you on your other Search Engine options.

Graphics Design

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We can acquire, compose and arrange your graphics. We will optimize them for the highest quality and speed. You are invited to return to our Home Page for examples.

Website Services Summary

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We provide website design targeted to your customer’s viewpoint. We construct your site to be easily understood and navigated. When you visit a website that is difficult to navigate, you probably exit and find another address to go to. Our designs will allow relaxed surfing while your customer is able to focus on your message, not on the mechanics of operation. Your website will resonate with your customers. We web design websites for entire state of Delaware, and all across the world too. Contact us for more information or to schedule an introduction to your new website.