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Web Design Introduction

Web Design That Will Attract The World

Welcome to Lightning and Thunder Web Design. We provide website management, business websites, personal websites, SEO, and other associated services. We are located in Claymont, Delaware and we provide the entire state of Delaware web design, and all across the world too. Back to top

Your website should blend artistic design with technical function. It should be beautiful, fast, and well ranked. Web design is our specialty and we empower you with our internet practices that are guided by the customer based viewpoint.

Don’t you get frustrated when you access a website and have a difficult time navigating it; their web links are either hard to find or don’t lead where you want to go? Our web design will enable customers to easily use all of your website’s pages. You will also have the ability to access the data that allows you, or us, to keep records of your website’s internet tracking information. You will have an outstanding website that connects directly with your customers, your business, the internet search engines, and you!

Your website will bask in a great presence on the internet. You’ll start with a site that attracts the customers that you are looking for. Your website will get ranked on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines. We will submit your website to the sites that are needed for the higher ranking. If you choose, we will disallow the search engines from ranking and displaying your website.

A stylish website that also ranks high on the search engines? You can have both! We can deliver this to you.

Artistic Web Design

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The artistic and technical aspects of web design work together to complete your website. Artistic design is centered upon the imaginative, creative, and colorful characteristics.

We will be very attentive to your ideas and concepts. Then we will interact with you to reach your envisioned design. We will transform your inspiration and imagination into the artistic customer attracting layout and designs that will be your website. Back to top

Technical Web Design

The technical web design aspects generally include the speed of loading, quality of images and videos, search engine optimization, etc.

Web design optimization is a very important aspect of your website’s construction and its maintenance. This can be divided into two areas, search engine optimization(SEO) and layout optimization. SEO enables a website to be highly ranked on Google©, Yahoo!©, Bing© and all the other search engines. This is strictly practiced to provide you with the best search engine returns. Layout optimization calls for your site to be graphically and textually set up to allow for fast, efficient operation. Test either your current website or any other website against this one on www.webpagetest.org. Click here to read about various parts of web design optimization.

Your website will be created with high-tech, efficient software. This, among other practices, will allow your pages the fastest loading times and the highest quality of viewing, and/or listening. We will employ the appropriate applications that enable your website to display your pages in the best manner. These include video, audio, animated gifs, JavaScript, PHP, forms, databases and others. We create your website to outperform your competition’s website. Back to top

Website Graphics Design

Images are a very important aspect of your website. We will design your business logo, pictures, and your other graphics. We can edit any existing website graphics that you have, which can provide you with higher quality files and faster web page loading. If you are looking for dynamic graphics then image sliders, Flash©, videos, and animated Gifs can give you the design results that you need. Back to top

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We look forward to making your new website experiences wonderful. Our web design can make that happen!