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Adding Water in Concrete After Initial Mixing Results
Thursday, Jun. 30, 2022  09:38:19 pm EDT
The Specs:
Job Name: **
Engineer or Techician Name:**
Time of Initial Mixing:**
Time of Arrival on Site:**
Time of Initial Pouring:**
Elapsed Time:0 mins. between'tween mix and pour
Designed P.S.I.:**
Initial P.S.I. of Concrete at Plant:**
Lowest Allowable P.S.I. of Concrete:**
Designed W/C Ratio:**
Initial Size of Concrete Load at Plant:**
Initial Weight of Water at Plant:**
Initial Weight of Cement at Plant:**
Initial Weight of Sand at Plant:**
Initial Weight of Aggregate at Plant:**
Initial Weight of Concrete at Plant:0 pounds
Initial W/C Ratio at Plant:nan ratio
Temp. of Initial Water at Plant:**
Temp. of Initial Cement at Plant:**
Temp. of Initial Sand at Plant:**
Temp. of Initial Agg.regate at Plant:**
Initial Temp. of Conc.rete at Plant:0.000 degrees F° F
Initial AdMix(es) at Plant:
Proper Agitation?
First Slump Test Result:**
Second Slump Test Result:**
Initial Pour Air Temp. F:**
Initial Wind - MPH:**
Will Concrete be Covered?
Will Concrete be Insulated?
Concrete Left in Initial Load:**
Are You Adding Water?
  Temperature of Added Water:
  Time of Adding Water:
Are You Adding an AdMix?
  AdMix to be Added:
  Time of Adding AdMix:
Later Pour Air Temp.:**
Later Pour Wind Speed:**
Time of Later Pour:**
The Results: